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Toor Technologies offers a bunch of IT Solutions to its customers. We have developed ourselves into a world-class IT infrastructure services company in Dubai by continuously investing in our equipment, infrastructure, and personnel. Toor Technologies believes in hiring only the best IT talent available. Toor Technologies also takes care of SMEs by offering IT services for small businesses. Get all your IT solutions from Toor Technologies. The relation that we have our customers starts once they have subscribed to our services. We believe good quality and long-lasting relationship with customers is only possible when we offer to them outstanding after-sales support.

Web Design & Custom Development

A responsive website is a website that adapts to all the platforms/devices, whether desktop, smartphone, or tablet. It re-sizes its content and imagery for a variety of different screen sizes dynamically to ensure that the website is efficient and easy to use on any device. These responsive websites are having flexible layouts that adapt to the screen of the device that is used to display the websites.

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E-Commerce Development Services

eCommerce design and development is an inevitable solution for companies looking for global buyers. More than 40% of buyers choose the online medium for purchasing stuff. B2C companies cannot let go of this big chunk of buyers and thus an efficient, appealing, and organized web store is a must for them. The stores save time and thus pull in lot of traffic and revenue.

Toor Technologies is a leading eCommerce website development company that builds mobile and web applications for its global customers. We offer eCommerce development services in all major technologies that include:

Mobile App Development Android & iOS

Multi-disciplined iOS development teams supporting all your technical requirements under one roof. We help keep your apps updated and their features updated. We can wrangle the messiest legacy code, bring it in line with standards, and keep it functional, fast, and secure.

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Social Media Marketing

In today’s world of online marketing; search engine optimization (SEO) is not enough for a website/blog to gain maximum exposure. Supportive to SEO tactics, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the best solution for webmasters. Social media sites bridge the gap between you and your customers. Social Media Marketing helps in brand recognition and promotion, getting targeted traffic and growing your online network.

Graphic & Logo Design

The Leading Graphic Design company in Dubai. get FREE quote for your logo, graphic design, brochure profile/leaflets profile design.

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Network Security & Firewalls

Regardless of the size of your business, you want to be assured of the security of your computers and networks. Toot Tech team can ensure your business has around the clock firewall and virus protection, guaranteeing your network is free from intrusion, spyware, and hackers 24/7.

Routing & Switching

With an emphasis on security and reliability, our engineers carefully work with you to design the right network configuration to enable increased innovation and capacity, combined with reduced costs and complexity. Proper design and configuration of routers and switches is a vital part of an effective network.

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ERP & CRM Solutions

ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. At its most basic level, ERP software integrates these various functions into one complete system to streamline processes and information across the entire organization.

Cloud Offering

Whether you are looking to build your own Cloud Infrastructure or interested in using services of any ready-cloud service provider, Silicon can help you in any Way! Toor Technologies offers various cloud solutions to its customers. At Toor Technologies, we believe in providing flexibility and scalability to all our customers.

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Data Centers

Toor Tech offers a broad range of project expertise.
We specialize in planning, designing, deploying, and maintaining data centers and server rooms that integrate critical infrastructure technologies. Our design engineers ensure data center availability by implementing a fully redundant…

Software Defined Networks

n SDN Architecture, the data, and control plan are decoupled, network intelligence and state are logically centralized, and underlying network infrastructure is abstracted from the applications…

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Virtualization & Consolidation

Constant availability of applications sounds like overstating the obvious. But provided everything’s running fine, nobody thinks about this oft-neglected aspect of IT. After all the real value of true high availability is only appreciated…

Software Licensing

Constant availability of applications sounds like overstating the obvious. But provided everything’s running fine, nobody thinks about this oft-neglected aspect of IT. After all the real value of true high availability is only appreciated…

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Voip Solutions

Replacing circuit-switched technology with a more cost-effective and efficient packet-based architecture, today’s data, voice, and video can all be handled over a single IP network. This has paved the way for Unified Communications…

Servers & Storage

More times than not, today’s organizations are looking for ways to reduce costs as they align technology with strategic goals to drive better business results. How you design, deploy, and manage your server infrastructure including large, distributed deployments of Microsoft® technology incorporating Windows®…

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