Structured Cabling
Structured Cabling

Although the physical layout of a network will to some extent be determined by its size and the type of networking technology chosen, the cabling system is a critical element of any network. It is generally accepted that a significant number of network failures are caused primarily by cable-related problems. Getting the cabling system right, therefore, is essential for an effective data communications system. The standards define how to design, build, and manage a cabling system that is structured, meaning that the system consists of a number of discrete sub-systems or blocks, each of which has specific performance characteristics. The blocks are organized hierarchically within a unified communication system.

As communication networks are becoming more complex – as organizations are becoming more dependent on computer networks and as the need for faster access to information is growing – the cabling system is the most important element that lays the foundation of the high-performance network.

It is not uncommon to hear from IT administrators that the network is down due to some of the other reasons. In many cases, inferior cabling systems are responsible for this downtime. The installation of a “standard-compliant” cabling system can significantly reduce much of this problem. Another important point to consider is that a structured cabling system not only “outlive” other components of the network system but only accounts for less than five percent of all costs associated with it.

The structured cabling is what we need to contend with the needs of telephone and data communication today and in the future. It is a systematic approach that can handle the entire cabling system for all types of traffic like voice, video, data, etc.  If you want to create a network that supports adaptability, flexibility, and longevity then you will have to start with structured cabling.

Structured Cabling provides universal system/mechanism

  • That supports Digital and Analogue Transmission.
  • For telecommunication outlets installation for current and future needs.
  • For the use of data cables in 4 twisted pairs and Fiber optics when long term technical service life is expected.
  • When reliable connectivity is critical for the company`s data today business operations.
  • For maximizing data rates by applying engineering design rules and methodologies.


Structured cabling has following benefits.

  • To get added support for regulatory compliance.
  • To get feedback on your patch management and change management programs.
  • Evaluation of the performance of third-party IT service providers.
  • To prove to customers, prospects, and partners and other stakeholders that the company is secure.
  • It helps guide remediation efforts and test their effectiveness.


It offers consistency across entire network as it offers same cabling system of all types of traffic like data, voice, and video.

Multivendor Support

It is a standardized cabling system that supports applications and hardware from different vendors.

Easy and simple to make changes/additions

With structured cabling, any changes to the network including adding, movement or implements are simple, quick and easy.

Highly scalable for future upgrades

Structured cabling is a system that provides network scalability for future upgrades.

Simplified Troubleshooting

Your network will be less prone to the problem and will not result in downtime of the entire network. The system makes it a lot easier to identify and troubleshoot network problems.

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